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Al Hoceima

A deep bay, pretty houses white down to the sea, and everywhere beaches, beaches for everyone, black or white sand, pebbles, or miniature long, straight or crescent moon, upgraded or wild, in the face of hotels or hidden after a creek, sheltered in a cove or lost on an island ...

Large seaside resort on the Mediterranean coast, the city (60 000 inhabitants) is accessible by car only by a mountain road, since Chaouen (225 km) or from Mellila (180 km). Nestled on the cliffs of the Rif, overlooking the sea, Al Hoceima has no hinterland and it remained for a long time isolated from the rest of Morocco. The International Airport has guided the economy to tourism; strengths are certainly many, the large bay in which totalled three rocky islands (Spanish sovereignty, not available) is surrounded by beaches, coves and cliffs . The bathing facilities, located at the bottom of the notch of coastline, are well protected from sudden gusts of wind of the Mediterranean and well equipped to sports equipment and entertainment (tennis, disco). Fishing submarine advantage of the variety of funds rocky and the water clarity.

The port, meeting place and animation, lives at the pace of departures and returns of fishing boats. In the evening, you can follow the gaze a fishing lamparo: suspended at the bow of the boat, a lamp, attracts fish.

The Spanish architecture of this city recently, the white houses with terrace encourage relaxation and the stroll. The men dressed in a bathrobe wool and women wrapped in brightly striped cotton skirts over thick and topped with a wide straw hat come to sell their productions to the souk which takes place every Tuesday.