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Boujdour was originally a fishing village located around the lighthouse. Since 1976, this city began to assert an urban character, based on population growth and its new port. Boujdour became the capital of the province. The latter has benefited from the programme "Al Aouda" and "Al Wahda." The effort of the State in favour of this province is also geared towards the fishing villages. On the other hand, since 1976, a unit of desalination of seawater has been installed and research led to the discovery of groundwater around the city. The city has an advantage: the cornice. It is located within the city and along the coast. It is one of the most beautiful sites in the region Laayoune - Boujdour.The corniche already put in place is a functional space. Nevertheless, the strategic reserve area for tourism investment is a tourist area unaffected covering an area of 80 ha. It is covered by the plan for the city of Boujdour. It is used as a reserve land intended to accommodate tourist activities and entertainment, whose implementation can be achieved only through a comprehensive and integrated. A development project initiated sector is already running for this ridge. Thus, the area could host a hotel zone, second homes, restaurants and entertainment along the coastal zone and buildings. Boujdour province is the beautiful beaches par excellence. The magical and picturesque beaches and pristine wilderness stretching hundreds of kilometres along the coast, sometimes emerging from long chains of cliffs and sometimes exposed a carpet of golden sand on 6, 20 or 30 km for each beach . The beach Awziwalt is one of its original locations. It is located about twenty kilometres south of Boujdour, served by the national highway N° 1. The site in question is a huge virgin beach, having received no development and equipment which could contribute to its development: the shores of this beach stretches over a dozen kilometres. It is separated from the RN ° 1 by a rocky cliff which makes accessibility to the beach difficult and requires adequate facilities. The site offers a huge Awziwalt beach with an infinite extent Atlantic with a considerable depth. This advantage could be exploited within the framework of the implementation of tourism projects large.

On the other hand, the province of Boujdour combines several reliefs. Indeed, there are sand dunes, sabkhats (salt lakes), but also a chain of cliffs stretching several kilometres from a height that can reach tens of metres hosting several sources of water or brackish sulphurous from the heights to flow into the Atlantic Ocean. One of the most beautiful regions of the province of Boujdour east of the town Gueltat - Zemmour with its plains and rugged terrain with geological depressions, its oases and its freshwater sources. The site is located within the province, which gives it a unique beauty different from coastal sites in this region. Among the historic sites of the province, Boujdour lighthouse built by the Portuguese in the 18th century and who announced the city several kilometers before they arrive. The city of Boujdour is also characterized by the length of his main arteries and its wide avenues and boulevards reminiscent of American cities. It is a city whose future tourism would be even better served by the possible construction of a fishing port and marina. The desert terrain of the province offers enormous opportunities for sports cars, motorcycles and air rally. The terrain of the Sahara province also offers enormous wealth in animal species. The fauna includes foxes, hyenas, wild cats, wolves, antelopes, goats and camels. The camel is a sign of prestige and wealth. Its meat is the most consumed locally and its fat is used to treat certain respiratory diseases. This animal is a gift prestigious husband to the bride. It is also a useful means of transport to reach some inaccessible corner. The dromedaries of Boujdour also participate in camel races local, regional, national and international. For its part, heritage plant in the province is rich and adapted. It consists of pastoral plants for herbivorous animals and medicinal plants. Others are their water reserves through deep roots up to 100 metres deep. In the field of traditional arts, the province is famous for its dynamism, which specialises in three main areas: the work of leather, metal mainly money and that of wood. The second area that illustrates the know-how in the province like other southern provinces, the manufacture of jewelry, weapons, lock and key. Added to this is the confection Saharan tents which are made of goat hair and wool black, sewing and assembly dunes give rise to the festivities. The magnitude of the tent reflects the social status of the owner, its largest economic and political importance within the group. The province also has moussems and festivities. Like the moussem Lamsid of the common Lamsid midway between Laayoune and Boujdour